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Sunday 5, The Beach Stage at 00:00

Eric Duncan aka Dr Dunks is one half of legendary DJ duo Rub-n-Tug & also half of DFA’s Still Going. No matter the name, the game remains unchanged: peak time party provider.

Ever since coming up in his hometown of Los Angeles' freestyle and hip-hop scene in the early 80s, Duncan has been a sound selector extraordinaire. With partner Thomas Bullock, he threw the notorious late 20th century Rub-n-Tug disco parties in downtown Manhattan, turning on a new generation of revelers to the sleazy pleasures of disco. He followed that up as the Saturday night resident at Passerby Bar, fueling the party until Sunday morning. Be it early hip-hop, slo-mo disco, incandescent funk, or banging house music, Duncan weaves it all together into a nightlife soundtrack. In the studio, Dunks has remixed everyone from LCD Soundsystem to Zero 7, the Beastie Boys to Coldplay, !!! to Roxy Music, Patrick Wolf to Grace Jones.